A public service announcement: some guys aren't all that

Once upon a time I got a little too buzzed and a short conversation with a complete stranger that I had little interest in, escalated into an accidental hook-up (it wasn’t on my agenda, that’s for sure) that took me completely off guard (because he came at me with full force) and was terminally boring and unsatisfying (he just didn't do it for me).

After my buzz wore off not too long after, I realized I wasn’t even enjoying it. The whole time I had been thinking about what I should write my thesis statement on and what I wanted to wear to my friend’s dinner the following night; there wasn’t even enough attraction to make me want to stick it out and come on, you have to be cautious about STD's (if you’re not being cautious about them, you probably have one). Who the hell knows where he had been before that, let alone that day. It wasn’t worth it, so I stopped.

Here’s the point of the story:

You're probably a piece of shit that deserves to be shot in the dick if you:

Think a girl is a prude because she doesn't want to fuck you or let you stick your grimy, disgusting, no-good hands down her pants. You don’t deserve a penis. If someone doesn't want you, deal with it.

Think you are some kind of ladies man. Those are girls you're "with" are just with you because they consumed your entire bottle of top of the line Popov, fell for your one liners and were dumb enough to be lured into a dark room to “look for your keys.”

[Side note: Those "women" you sleep with all have something in common: Chlamydia. I'm just letting you know. They also hook up with your best friends, ex-best friends, co-workers, team mates, and each other after they drink too many Smirnoff Ice's.]

So here's to all you women who are sane enough to make responsible decisions before you end up in a pool of regret while picking up prescriptions to rid yourself of something one of the girls he hooked up with three nights prior has. Good for you. You know your worth and what you deserve. It's okay to let yourself go every now and then; we all have spring breaks, winter breaks and the first Tuesday of each month, but if you aren't even attracted to the sorry sap in any way, shape or form--let alone having fun--it's okay to up and leave. You're never going to see him again, hopefully.

You never know where your night might take you—you might meet someone great or someone who is a total jerk—you don't have to be into it for the sake of being into it.


  1. I prefer my women STD free...you're not a prude. you're just not a whore.

  2. By far, your best post yet! I love you!

  3. I've been called a prude a sad number of times... At least I've still got my self-respect and my health though :)

  4. I agree with everything you said. Amen!

  5. I fell in love awhile back, and ultimately the other party wasn’t ready for a long term relationship, but I cherish being able to experience what I did while it lasted. Adding the dimensions of spiritual and mental attraction into the mix made the sex much more incredible than any of the miscellaneous crap I did when I was younger. The empty sexual relationships started to feel, well, empty, and unsatisfying. Guy’s (and ladies), here’s a tip for you. Being celibate will not kill you! I’ve done it. I’ve survived it. I’ve even learned to be friends with woman, platonically. Wow, what a concept! Most people find out eventually that a relationship has to have much more substance to it than just sex, if it’s going to go anywhere. Good blog. Forget the d-bags that can’t handle you standing your ground.

  6. you don't even know how many girls agree with you. Just because you don't want to sleep with one person doesn't mean you're a prude...hell, i love sex...but sometimes I don't want to fuck certain people. Then I get name called because I have standards and I don't sleep with strangers or people I don't really care about. I did that, I hooked up in college, now I am older and it means more to date someone I am interested then just hook up with people all the time that I don't care about.

    So what, if a guy has a problem with you not wanting to fuck him, he can suck his own dick.

    Cheers to you for giving a voice and having standards.

  7. Why are you so great?
    Please write 230957023985 posts per day so I can be entertained forever.

  8. If the girl isn't down, the guy hasn't done him homework. Simple as that.

  9. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel

  10. Oui, merci Daniel!

    Justin: Thank you!

  11. Just checked out your blog from 20SB and this was the perfect post for me to read. I think it's fine if other women want to hook up with strangers, but guys shouldn't expect it... And they certainly shouldn't be calling a girl "prude" just because she doesn't want to sleep with that particular person.

  12. love this and you

  13. I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

  14. I LOVE THIS!!! This is perfect. I feel exactly the same way and love that you wrote about it. Props to strong women with standards.

  15. I would never call a woman a prude if she didn't want to sleep with me, its HER body so that is HER choice and I will respect that.

    Same if you are dating its HER body just because you have slept together before or you have just made out or she is naked in bed with you she can still say no or stop at any time and you should always respect her choice. Choosing not to sleep with you or wanting to stop NEVER makes her a tease, a prude or any other nasty names. Her body her choice and she can change her mind at any point respect her and don't call her names or try to pressure her, she is a person, an equal, a human being with her own thoughts feelings and her own CHOICES.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this - Aaron

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