What a broken heart feels like

Have you ever suffered a broken heart? Once a guy told me I broke his heart after two weeks of talking/dating/flirting - whatever you want to call it. Call me heartless, but I know I didn't break his heart.

Either he had never had a broken heart before or he confused it with heartburn.

The term “broken heart” is abused these days and I'm guilty of using this term loosely. I mean, when I was 14 and found out ‘NSYNC called it quits, I was a total, blubbery mess...and "heartbroken." I was ripping posters off my wall, breaking old CDs over my knee - it was not pretty - but was that a broken heart?

When it comes to broken hearts, there are two kinds
: the first kind is the kind that most people have. You know, River or Apple (because no one is named anything normal these days) didn't call you back after the third date but you really, really liked him/her. I understand, trust me, but your heart isn't broken. A sure sign that your heart isn't broken is that you have enough of an appetite to eat a pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream to help "ease" the pain. Need another sign? You're able to quickly move on, quickly hook up with someone new and quickly get over it (results may vary).

Then there’s the other kind of broken heart, the kind that probably makes you insta-cry anywhere, that is of course if you can even muster the energy to get anywhere besides your bed. This is the kind of sadness that can get you when you least expect it: you think you’re fine then suddenly you find yourself balling at an intersection in your car. This is the kind of broken heart that affects not just you, but your whole life. It’s a sickness that only cures over time, not over Chunky Monkey, and even after a lot of time passes, sometimes the thought of that person still brings you to tears...or disgust (again, results may vary).

I think a person really has to be a part of you and your life to break your heart, and it takes time - years - for people to get in that deep. People date a lot and people come and go in your life like River and Apple, but there's no way two or three dates can cause such deep despair. If I’m wrong, please correct me, but broken hearts are serious business, people, and they're hard to come by.

A broken heart can come from other things too like death or loss - I know, I’m getting serious, but I’m trying to teach you a lesson - and these are the kind of real broken hearts that do affect you. So when you let measly relationships that aren't even relationships affect your life, what’s going to happen to you when you really lose someone who matters?

Broken hearts aren't fun; yeah, I know things didn't work out with Apple, but move on, step back from the ledge my friend and don't eat all that ice cream you sorry sap. It’s not worth it to be sad over menial situations.


  1. real broken hearts suck! I don't wish that sort of pain to anyone.

    the only thing that breaks my heart today is my stupid smart phone, not so smart after all and a new phone would totally fix everything.

  2. It's dif for everyone. I know my heart was broken when I had to move away from grad school, and we both decided against long distance because we've had terrible endings to relationships before because of long distance. It's a feeling. Like physically and emotionally. Hard to explain I guess..

    2 weeks though? Nah dog. He's just upset and will get over it.

    But man, nothing hurts more than a broken heart.

  3. I used to be one of those people who would take it so personally when a guy wouldn't call me back, therefore resulting in a temporary broken heart. I've learned from it exactly what you said in your last paragraph. There are way more important things then Billy from your art class who winks at you but doesn't go far enough to make you his girl. I have a sorority to keep a float, my grades to make deans list, a degree to grab so I land that AMAZING job. I don't have time for broken hearts. Dumb.

  4. Very insightful post. It hits kind of close to home. Scratch that, very close to home.

    A guy that I dated for almost a year randomly dumped me the date after Vtines day last year. I cried for four days straight without stopping. I couldn't eat anything for over a week. It was the worst experience of my life thus far.

    I think people exaggerate their emotions.

  5. I've had my heart broken once, and that was more than enough for me. Took me eight months to get to a sane place.


    I like this post.

  6. worst pain ever. but im also guilty of saying it a lot... but i dont wish this upon anyone. great insight.

  7. Can't Eat? Can't Sleep? Can't do anything but ruminate? Then I think that might be a broken heart. It should feel like going through withdrawals, I think.

  8. Great post, couldnt agree more. esp the

    'Then there’s the other kind of broken heart, the kind that probably makes you insta-cry anywhere and that is if you can even muster the energy to get anywhere beside your bed.'

    made me laugh. Tell it like it is. Great blog!





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