Mark Seliger for W Magazine

Unacceptable: The above cover for W Magazine. I know it's old (Nov. 2010) but somehow I just saw it and I never want to see Kim Kardashian near the name Salvador Dali ever, ever, again.

Acceptable: W Magazine printing a conversation Kim has with herself on their cover.

Acceptable: The U.S. Government is finally getting rid of that color coded terrorist alert system. I guess nine years of creating mass fear in a nation was just too much.

Unacceptable: Indianapolis' WXIN for conducting "Indianapolis' golden voice," where a reporter stopped random homeless people on the streets to see who had a great singing voice. The looks on their faces after coming to the realization that the media was making a bit of a mockery of them after they thought they may have finally been saved was not MasterCard priceless.

Acceptable: Jon Stewart calling out Indianapolis for being complete D-bags.

Unacceptable: The Real Housewives of Orange County. Just STOP would you? You are making Orange County look terrible one lip injection at a time. It’s not normal to be that tan, that blonde and that dumb.

Acceptable: The Real Housewives of any other city simply because I am not from there. I appreciate misrepresentation if I am not an affiliated member of the party.

Acceptable: Oprah going off daytime TV to her own network where she belongs. I have nothing against Oprah, I just have a problem with the fact that she can’t use indoor voices. If I have to hear that woman yell-talk about her favorite sheets again, I am going to throw my TV out the front door.

Unacceptable: Kelsey Grammer moving away to do his 29-year-old fling, I mean Broadway, but still remained married to Camille Grammer. Man up. We all knew what you were doing.

Acceptable: Jessie Eisenberg becoming more and more famous. He's kind of awkward/nerdy/weird and I kind of like that.

Unacceptable: Kids tripping out on bath salts. Come on. Can't you just stick to your Oxycontin?

Acceptable: John Travolta turning down Glee because if we weren't already questioning you after Hairspray, we would after Glee.

Unacceptable: Hugh Hefner on Twitter. You may as well tell us which fabric softener sheets you like to use in the dryer because there is nothing substantial going on when you tweet. Can't you at least upload twitpics of your girlfriends in footy pajamas? We need the weird Hef!

Unacceptable: An Arkansas supermarket shielding the cover of US Weekly because Elton John and his partner are on the cover with their adopted child. Really? Are you aware that in France they show boobs on network television…all the time? Not Cinemax. Not Showtime. Network TV. Get with it.


  1. I had no idea that Indianapolis was exploiting the homeless like that! Go figure, it's fox. I'm googling the story now! That's amazingly insensitive.

  2. The magazine cover thing shocks me the most.'s 2011.

  3. The thing that chaps my ass about the big O is the fact that her new "Me station" took over Discovery Health. Now, the hypochondriac in me can only WebMd life-threatening diseases and 100 pound tumors instead of viewing them in HD on my flat screen.

  4. I can't stop staring at the cover...I think there is something seriously wrong with me lol. I thought she didn't like doing full frontal nudity? *note to self, stop watching E!Channel lol*

  5. I saw that clip on the Daily Show last night. What a bunch of idiots. I didn't need another reason to never go to Indiana again but there is another one on the pile anyway.

  6. As a former NJ resident, I would like to extend the "Unacceptable" title to RHWoNJ and Jersey Shore.

  7. That cover of W is a bit too much. The Editors really should have re-thought that one.

  8. waiting for next post




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