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For some reason MTV thinks the general public is curious about the lives of Snookie and Jillian Michaels, that frightening trainer on The Biggest Loser, at the age of 17. When I was 17 is a show following the lives of celebrities (statement to be taken lightly) when they were young.

Does anyone really care? I don't. They can't be much different from any other self-depreciating 17-year-old teenager who copied math homework, watched TRL and loathed gym glass.

When I was 17, there weren’t iPhones and the term Snookie sounded like something your mom told you a drunken frat guy would do to you if you left your cup unattended at a party.
After looking back on my teenage years and then seeing the new issue of Revolver Magazine, I was a little taken back by the cover.

Taylor Momsen, a 17-year-old girl who was an actress on one of those teenage mutilating drama’s otherwise known as Gossip Girl, left the show at the age of 16 to pursue her music career.

Her band, The Pretty Reckless, resembling something of a Shirley Manson style new age group, is just beginning to make its way in the music world. Taylor wears scantily clad outfits like lingerie, knee high stockings, garter belts, stripper heels, and a makeup counter's worth of eyeliner while performing on stage; since the age of 16 she has done this, at least that’s what we know.

With lyrics like: “you make me wanna die, I’ll never be good enough, you make me wanna die,” makes me wonder what the hell happened on the set of that Gossip Girl show and why, at 16, did she retire the show to pursue another career? Who does she think she is, Whitney Housten?

Taylor and I do, however, share commonalities at that age. I also wore excessive amount's of makeup thanks to my mother who neglected to hand me a towel before letting me leave the house.

I also seriously believed that I sounded exactly like Shirley Manson at times. Apparently I believed wearing headphones would muffle my terrible rendition of "stupid girl" that I sang over and over again in my room.

However, when I was 17, I was also sitting in garages with friends thinking I was "drunk" off one Smirnoff Ice while listening to Dashboard Confessional (yeah, about that); whereas Taylor probably sips Belvedere at The Rooftop Bar in The Roosevelt Hotel while listening to some underground British rock band.
I definitely didn't own a pair of stripper heels and I for sure was too uncomfortable to walk around like Courtney Love acting as if it were normal “sober” behavior.

The odd thing is that this cover comes two years after Miley Cyrus was wearing a sheet on the cover of Vanity Fair at the age of 15.

There is a vast difference in the tastefulness between the two covers so it's shocking that no one is making a fuss.

Is it because Taylor looks like Debbie Harry after tripping into Marilyn Manson's closet? Are we scared of her? I kind of am. She might clog me over the head with one of those four inch plastic heels of hers and I’m nowhere near secure enough in my adult years to be taken down by a 17-year-old stripper, I mean artist.

I think MTV producers are missing something. There's a much grander story here--in Taylor Momsen’s lingerie drawer and medicine cabinet--then there is in Snookie’s yearbook.


  1. Why does she have to be holding guns?

  2. And to think.... she played Cindy Lou Who... *sigh*

  3. I think it's the publication that makes the difference. Revolver is a magazine that often has covers like these - and I'd say it's a less mainstream magazine than Vanity Fair.

    I think because Miley Cyrus (who was marketed as a good Christian girl at first) = Annie Lebowitz + Vanity Fair = Hot topic.

    I personally don't care about what any of these "celebrities" are doing with their lives, let alone what they did with their lives when they were younger. Before they were famous they were probably happier.

  4. "when i was was a very good was a very good year for small town girls!!"

    (sorry...i felt a frank sinatra song coming on...)

    ps: i'm glad i found ur blog----great post! and ya...snookie sounds like something your creepy uncle, who's not really ur blood relative, would do to you at every holiday dinner...

  5. If anybody finds that picture attractive I feel sorry for them.

  6. I really don't understand pop culture fascination with turning too young girls into this sexy, scantily clad women. Taylor is too young to be dressed like that! What are her parents thinking?!
    I also think that she is going to regret leaving Gossip Girl. A show that is super successful and already has an intense following. Her band certainly doesn't have much of a following at this time. Her lyrics are so ridiculous. What on earth could a girl at her age know about life. I'm 26 and I barely know anything!
    Oh and all this Snookie mania is sooo dumb! I don't care about that girl!

  7. Great post. She scares me. Somehow when I saw her on the cover I knew you would write a post!

  8. Interesting post!! I feel a bit sorry for her, I'd hate to look back in ten years time and see a pic of myself at 17 and see that!!! It's disgusting.

  9. Thanks for the request on 20SB. I'm loving your blog!

    I couldn't imagine leaving a successful gig behind so soon at any age. But I suppose she's following her "passion"? Eh...I doubt it, but who knows. I hate the cover; it feels beyond contrived, even moreso than your typical mag cover.

    I believe a show like "When I Was 17" is for the 17 down to 13 crowd--those who would be more inclined to say, "I do that, too"/"They're like me" about something trivial like doodling in detention or selling candy in class.

  10. She's rather scary. She's always pictured in celeb gossip mags here in the UK wearing next to nothing. Hard to believe she's 17. So sad, really :(

    (Just found your blog via another and I love it!)

  11. Meh, Taylor rocks. Good for her! This post just makes you sound old.




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