Creepy PM's
To the dude with no shame:

Nice try but how many chicks do you send this out to in bulk a day? I just want to know who I'm up against. Also, do they look like me or do you just like to dip into the fish pond and see what bites?

Don't worry, I waited a reasonable amount of time before blasting you on the Internet. I also felt that I should blur your last name and picture, for your protection of course.

Once women see how much swag you have, your inbox will undoubtedly be flooded with a plethora of messages and I'd hate to induce extra stress on top of the letters you already have to correspond to.

Keep up the hard work, I hear people meet their soul mates on the Internet these days if you send enough of these personal heartfelt messages out.

P.S. That's not how you spell "hunny."


  1. It still says "jonathan fickle" at the top.. just to point out in case you meant to blur that.

    At this point, though, he deserves to receive a few heartfelt meaningful bulk messages back from us.

  2. Why do people think that being facebook stalked is sexy? I guess I lose out on many a date opportunity because I don't look at the people you may know stuff. My loss.

  3. After a personal Facebook "dating" fiasco, I've decided that no romantic relationship should originate on the

    Oh, and this guy is sad. What a waste of the copy&paste function.

  4. I'm sure he's sending that in mass all day lol. I guess he gets 1 point for trying lol

  5. MAN FAIL, 100%. Jonathan: have fun tugging it alone.

  6. bwahahahahahaha! this is awesome Jessica. You're putting ideas into my head.

  7. That is so a copy and paste letter! lol I hope you put that douche in nice guy's clothing in his place lol

  8. seriously, who is this guy? what did he expect to gain...honestly?! lol

    ps thanks for friending me on 20sb. great blog!

  9. he is serious?!!!!! omg lol he just made my day... he has no shame.. AT ALL!

    btw.. I'm a new follower.. loving your blog

  10. Oh man. That's actually a good pick up line/email, but... like all pick up lines, they're sleezy.

  11. That's awesome and awful all at the same time. Thumbs up and thumbs down to him.




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