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Let's be real, it's 2010 and most relationships begin by feeding the physical appetite resulting in people not really knowing one another.

To look more appealing, it's common that people leave out the gritty details of their prison record, how many men they’ve really slept with or the fact that they follow Taylor Swift's every move and have a shrine dedicated to her in their closet.

These particular components are frequently left out because who really wants to dispel information like the guy featured in the video below who wears a dinosaur suit to make a living and lives in his car.

“I would not tell a lady that until I banged her really good,” he said. “After that, it would be so acceptable [I could] nail her in my car. She would be cool then if I was good in the sack.”


So does a great physical relationship make up for questionable traits, a lack of commonalities you share with a person or in the guy wearing the dinosaur suit's case, being semi homeless?

Today, it seems as though there is a growing trend involving people settling with a person they may not be connected to emotionally but more so physically, especially after sex is involved. Are we that bored?

If you were sleeping with someone and later found out this person was one of the following: unable to spell words with more than three syllables, has no common interests with you or regard for yours, makes a living by selling watches from the inside of his coat, is immature, or the occasional asshole (no, it’s not Tourette syndrome like she says), would you continue seeing this person because they’re good in bed?

We all have Grey Goose to thank for many lustful encounters, but these days, we’re guilty of maturing these encounters into relationships. Eventually, you get to know the person; you sort of can’t help getting to know a person when you spend so much time together (which is when that Taylor Swift shrine is discovered).

So do you lure people in with your “good sex” and hope for the best?


  1. I think I USED to jump too quickly into sex[ual] stuff and hope for the best but I learned from that.

    The past two guys I've dated I waited a long time to sleep with and as a result learned two distinct things 1) Sometimes waiting a long time and then doing it is a swift way to end a short relationship and 2) Sometimes waiting a long time is really worth it. AND you know you like the person by that point. Really. Worth. It.

  2. I think the "bang first, talk second" syndrome tends to fade the further we get from our college years. The closer I approach adulthood, the bar scene becomes a less appealing/appropriate place to meet someone. This is why I'm going to get a puppy.

  3. Try a relationship without sex first. If that isn't working than its honestly not going to work out.

  4. that's how i was in my first few years of college...kind of over it now.

  5. Good sex does make up for certain things lacking on the relationship spectrum; as long as you're not really getting seriously emotionally involved, why not go for the guy who knows he has nothing else to offer a lady but a quality bedding session?

  6. I like banging hoes real hard then leavin them on the street...




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