Difference between girls and women

Photography by Ana Giselle Rodriguez

There's a cosmic difference between that girl you're dating and the woman you'd like to be dating. It might be a material (she's wearing a T-Shirt that says "I love the Jo Bros") or intellectual matter; you just know something isn't right.

A study performed by researchers at Stanford and the University of California-Santa Barbara states older men who pursue young women contribute to a longer life. Uh, what?

For the sake of your own health and apparent possible death, by all means, keep dating younger women; however, if you're sick of buying bubblegum flavored lip-gloss as Birthday gifts, then stop hanging around the sandbox to meet ladies R. Kelly.

It's time to stop complaining that everyone you date is "annoying, clingy and dense" and move on to older and wiser things.

Don't get me wrong, sometime's there's no real age difference when it comes to girls vs. women. You could be dating a 22 year-old-girl who is still watching High School Musical. Whereas a 19-year-old-woman you met just finished reading the Dictionary for the third time and pays for your dinner.

Results may vary but are typically evenhanded:

A girl has an allowance while a woman has a paycheck and uses it for other things than press on nails and new shoes. She has real-life bills to pay for like car insurance. Crazy, I know.

Just because she’s younger doesn't mean she's fresher (of STD's). Women get checked while girls are still at the pediatrician getting stickers and a lollipop thinking everything is rainbows and butterflies.

Her idea of fun is getting drunk off Mike’s Hard Lemonade at a house party that probably occurs every weekend. A woman likes to be at least ten miles away from home on a Friday or Saturday night.

A girl chases you down while a woman doesn't have time for that bullshit. You're on her clock now.

Girls sleep with you no matter what; a woman decides if she wants to. I hate to break it to you but she's not a prude, you probably just aren't up to par. Take a shower and stop being such an ass.

Girls like asshole behavior; women drop your asshole behavior faster than you can say "I said what last night?" Stop being a jerk for the sake of your cuff links and tie you claim to wear Monday through Friday.

Girls quote movies with Hilary Duff in them and talk about Perez Hilton while women know about it, but also know about that flood going on and those earthquakes occurring.

Girls want you 24/7 while women realize you once had a life that included female friends.

Girls come back to you several times after you screw up. Women do not, period. If your woman is coming back to you, you might want to re-think her womanhood title as well as your jerk behavior.

24 is the new 18. Get with it.

She won't bring you home if she knows a family member is there. Talk about awkward.

She doesn't talk about marriage, future kids or politics on the first date because she'd either like to sleep with you that night or see you one more time. Knowing you're a divorced Republican with three kids is going to be a total turn off.

A woman doesn't call you goofy names like Mr. Tickles or schnookum while in public and hopefully not in private.

A girl talks about ex-boyfriends and guys she's been with. A woman doesn't ever mention them. It's no one's business how much of a tramp a woman is besides her own.

A girl hates all men after a break up. A woman knows that that one guy is an asshole and never deserved her to begin with, asshole.


  1. amen, sister! love this! i'm not 100% there yet, but i love the "woman" me much better than the "girl me.

  2. Outstanding! I love being a woman more than anything and you summed it up beautifully. Thank you!

  3. This? Is! AMAZING!

    Honestly, I love it! A woman is a self-fulfilled person who stands on her own two feet, a girl needs aguy to prop her up. This is one of the best written blog posts I've read in a long time.

  4. This entire post is full of one kind of stereotype of girls and women. I didn't enjoy that.

  5. Wait. You said that there is no real age difference between girls vs. women. That a 20 year old could be more mature than that 22 year old who still watches High School Musical.. and then you went on to point out younger is girls and older is women. It contradicts. What did you mean by it?

  6. if you're referring to the "18 is the new 24," reference, it's more so a joke than a factual bit of information (I by no means can make reputable accusations as such); however, there are indeed some 18 year old's that are much more mature than people who are 24, 28 and even some 40 year old's I know. In this case though, I personally am referring to men I know who talk about younger girls they date not being enough (intellectually) and it's because the guys are typically four or five years older. They're on a different page in their lives than someone who probably probably just started college. So maturity doesn't technically lie in age...it's false to generalize but my main point is to stop dating the same type of girl if you're sick of the same old routine...and to move on to something better, possibly closer to your age. But hey, maybe a guy will find a girl who is exactly what he needs at any age.

  7. So what I'm getting from this is girls are easy and women are hardcore and scary.


  8. Amen on not discussing exes... esp. not TOO SOON.

  9. Do you know all these awesome photographers?

  10. this is really wise. i like it.




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