Out: Arizona
In: New Jersey

Out: Jonas Brothers
In: Justin Beiber

Out: Public displays of affection
In: Publicly displaying hatred towards your ex over a status update

Out: Barack Obama T-Shirts
In: "Free Weezy" T-Shirts

Out: Terrorists
In: Russian spies

Out: Wizards
In: Vampires, unfortunately

Out: Hurricane Katrina damage
In: BP oil spill

Out: MySpace
In: Chatroulette

Out: sanctity of Marriage
In: Gay marriage

Out: Hardback books
In: Electronic books

Out: Lil Wayne, at least until he's out of jail
In: Eminem once more, at least until he insults someone again

Out: Diet's/not eating
In: Going organic/smoking

Out: "Michael Jackson was a freak"
In: "Michael Jackson was a prodigy"

Out: Skyping
In: Sexting

Out: leggings
In: Not wearing pants, thank you Gaga

Out: iPhones
In: The Droid

Out: Church of Scientology
In: Whatever Tom Cruise is on

Out: STD's
In: Swine Flu

Out: frappacinos
In: cupcakes that are overpriced.

Out: Sarah Palin
In: Snookie

Out: Toyota's
In: Fixies

Out: Michael Phelps
In: Tiger Woods

Out: Rehab
In: facing your addiction, one ankle bracelet at a time

Out: Blow up dolls
In: Avatar women

Out: Chivalry
In: Cheating on your wife

Out: unemployment
In: deferrals

Out: seeing straight
In: wearing prescription glasses when you don't need to but want to

Out: Michael Lohan
In: Mel Gibson, for the win


  1. hahah...word. you're awesome

  2. good. your humor is spot on

  3. ha! this post made me laugh long and hard. you're hilarious!

  4. It's about time blow up dolls get kicked to the curb by aliens.

  5. "Out: Public displays of affection
    In: Publicly displaying hatred towards your ex over a status update"


    There is an award for you on my blog!

  6. i think Chris Hansen will be catching predators next on Chatroulette! wooo.

  7. get published already

  8. I love this. I lol'd numerous time. Very true stuff

    "Out: Jonas Brothers
    In: Justin bieber"

    too true

  9. love this post. your blog is hilarious. i found you from Lilly's blog. I'm following you.

  10. haha I love this. I wanna do something similar to this someday. I enjoy your blog!




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