How many times do you say or hear that you or someone has a "type?" I'm not talking about personality; I’m talking about physical appearance.

This is subject to opinion but when it comes to attraction, having a type is obsolete. It's not 2002 anymore people. Genres are colliding, style is transcending--we finally got rid of bleached tips and button down shirts with flames on them--and life is too short to not appreciate all that's out there.

Men come in all shapes and forms so it surprises me when girls say they only like brunettes or blonde's. It also surprises me when guys say the same about women. I have a type of guy I'm attracted to when it comes to interests and personality but that never affects hair color or body type.Limiting is for dieters. The last place I want restriction is what's lying in my bed. Go ahead and grab the zero calorie sweeteners, but don't deprive yourself of a perfectly good blonde because you only like brunettes.

Being an extremist in the dating world is no fun. It's like eating plain yogurt: bland, boring and you will end up bitter. It’s not like eye color equals some weird ailment that will be carried down genetically if you procreate.

It's also kind of offensive when guys just
nonchalantly throw in that they don't like blonde's or that short girls are just...just. That's not what you said after that last Tequila shot on spring break Don Juan.Here's nonchalant for you: beer bellies aren't sexy. Get over yourself.

Brunette, blonde, dirty blonde, red hair, white, black, Hispanic, two eyes, four eyes, you name it; I appreciate it all. A face is a face and a personality is a personality. No height limit or eye color is going to be a deal breaker.

This constant search for perfection is just exhausting anyway.
Too much time is spent focusing on what we don't want while clouding our vision of what's rightly available. This recipe for your perfect man which too closely resemble's a prince in a Disney cartoon is too much for even the most handsome Disney prince. Must have: quirky nose that gives character, hazel eyes, black thick curly hair, eyes perfectly distanced, no freckles, and is taller by at least five inches for heel wearing height--no shorter. Criteria be gone!

When it comes down to it,
someone resembling Ryan Reynolds may be nice, but what if he is an ex-con, shroom growing, sleeps with his step mom, steals from children and white van driving type of guy? What if he is one of those weirdo's that gets on Chatroulette by himself and points the camera at his junk? A five o' clock shadow and green eyes won't negate that.

Granted, I'll turn my head at a total babe, but I'll also turn my head at great style, or a an awesome personality.

I used to always say "I only like dark hair and eyes," then I grew up and realized all men have something great to offer (except the guys on Chatroulette at 2:00 a.m.). A guy with wavy filthy blonde hair can walk in a room and totally make my knees give out (filthy in the, I took time to look this way, not because I haven’t showered in a week way) just as much as a balding guy with amazing charisma.

Types: who needs them?
Let's just stop striving for an ideal prototype and appreciate the beauty that walk’s around us. It’s perfectly fine If you don't want to of course, because then there's more for myself and every other girl out there.

The bottom line is: an attractive person is an attractive person. No if's and's or but's.


  1. I also think that all men have some characteristics worth admiring, which is why I also don't have a type (physically), ultimately I always look at their personality.

  2. Diversify your portfolio is the way to be.

    I am into every female human. If she catches my eye or has something amazing to say, I want to know more.

    Anyhow, I love this gem of a piece.

    If you take advice, you should totally start taking photos for your blog. Have some friends model for you.

  3. You have no idea how much I agree with you. SO many people would be so much happier if they just opened themselves up to possibilities beyond their set list of "must-haves."

  4. I totally agree, personality is SO much more important.

  5. Bluntly and beautifully written. I can't count how many times I've heard people talking about this. I had a friend exactly like this; she was immensely picky about physical characteristics once turned a guy down on the grounds that he was "too nice".
    At that point, I was out. There's having certain standards, and then there's being a nit-picking ninny who subconsciously WANTS to be alone.

  6. Yea I actually have a type too. I'm not really into open minded people. Always like... thinking, and then talking about thoughts and stuff. Ugh. I mean who is into that really? Go marry a book or something. Close minded is where its at. =)

  7. Ok, so, maybe beer bellies aren't that attractive. But how about a cute little gut? Or a FUPA?

  8. Love it. Love this post. It's taken me some time to get over myself and my "type" and to acknowledge that this guy that has been taking me on dates and treating me like a queen is AMAZING, even if he doesn't look like the shaved-head-ultra-athlete-jock type I'm used to. Thanks for this post!

  9. Hola, - da mejor. Guardar va!


  10. Don't you think that life and time change people? I hope they'll find their "way home" after reading your post. kamagra

  11. I love this so much. I would say that I do have a "type", but it's mostly based on personality. If you limit yourself to only dating a certain "type" of person that is based solely on looks you may miss the person who could be "the one".




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