It’s time to stop pretending like you’re the Don Juan of dating and just admit there are things you’re curious about. If you weren’t curious there wouldn’t be millions of articles in magazines and on websites about what makes us tick and tock.

Inspired by Esquire Magazine, who currently has a list containing facts about women on their website that females are submitting themselves, here are some facts about us women--not all--that you often feel are: nuts, hard to read, weird, etc.

If you did click the link, I will say from my standpoint that there are a few I didn’t agree with: No. 10 Anything but roses. Think about it. We've mentioned our favorite flower more than once. If you can't remember, go with a lily. —Rhiannon Falzone, 25, Chicago.

I think flowers are great, but don’t think we need them every week. To me, flowers are so general--along with chocolates, teddy bears and diamonds--and there are many other personal things you can do besides that. Save your money.

One that I really disagreed with was this stereotype: we only drink cosmopolitans and talk about clothing, sports are yucky.

This is not true by any means (at least for me). I can’t say every woman is like me, there are ladies who love cocktails; however, I hate fruity drinks and if I’m drinking, it’s usually beer or something simple. I also enjoy sports and there are more things to discuss than dresses.

Some more facts: your nails should never be longer or better manicured than ours. As long as there is no dirt under them, you’re fine, just cut those suckers. Also, no long pinky nails: you aren't Snoop Dogg and cocaine is so 90s.

When you wear cologne and walk past a girl, she wants to follow you into a dark room and have her way with you. The Axe effect is true in a non Axe sense; I'm not a huge fan of Axe, but spray on Very Sexy for Him and you can do no wrong.

Shaggy hair and a five o' clock shadow should never be messed with. You may feel the need to be clean shaven and gelled all the time but gel is out, but it's nice to see you let lose. You know how you like to run your hands through our hair? Well spiky hair isn't exactly touchable(of course some people don't like this look, to each his own).

Don't poke us in areas that are "soft." It's annoying.

We notice when you check women out. You're not hiding it at all. I personally don't care, I check people out all the time, even women; however, it becomes a problem when you check out cleavage Kathy more than your girl.

It's annoying when you talk about other guys negatively; especially strangers. Yeah you may think some guy made a stupid comment or looks like a moron, but when you mock him in front of us, you look like the moron.

Slow down. It’s understandable that you want to get down to business, but when you go from zero to 60 in 60 seconds, there will also be a quick exit 60 seconds later by yours truly.

When you hold the door open, you will probably get some later, but when you order our dinner, you will probably get kicked in the crotch under the table.

Nothing is worse than a guy who can't take charge every now and then. Asking what we want to do all the time shows you aren't confident and willing to open yourself up. Pick a time, a place and get on with it.

Don't generalize. Don't think that just because I’m a girl I don’t want to sit on the couch with you and nerd out with pizza, beer and Shark Week. You won't know until you ask.

If you like us or want to say you had a good time, tell us. No more of this waiting days and days and days to say something after a date. We will get over you and move on to someone who isn't afraid to speak up.

Just because a girl texts you after a date to say thank you, doesn't mean she's in love with you and has already pictured your wedding together. Some people are genuinely grateful for a good time and if you bought someone dinner, they may want to thank you for it. Don't jump to conclusions and stop flattering yourself.


  1. Hi! I found you on 20sb! Love your blog =)

  2. amen sister. i'll take a brick of film or photo magazine subcription over flowers any day.

  3. Ah, yes. Attn. Males. Read and remember.
    Definitely agree with the five o'clock shadow and gel free hair.

  4. "Don't think that just because I’m a girl I don’t want to sit on the couch with you and nerd out with pizza, beer and Shark Week." From the horse's mouth. Love it. I'm definitely quoting this shit.

  5. Don't poke us in areas that are "soft." It's annoying. Why do guys insist on doing this?!

  6. Hahaaha I liked the last one best.

  7. Ya know I read Esquire and its my favorite magazine. But I used to read these magazines as gospel truth so it would be like "Buy her roses" one week and then the next week it would be like "Orchids are in season buy those" and I'd be like, damn it I just thought I was supposed to buy flowers! But now I use it more as a general guide because every woman is different and you can't find out how amazing they all are unless you put down the magazine and spend some time with them. But that's just me. =)

  8. I never understood that long pinky nail trend. I'm not usually one to obsess over tiny superficial details when it comes to relationships/men I date but a long pinky nail would probably be a deal breaker.

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