Cheating is hard. You have to sneak behind people’s back’s, make inconspicuous phone calls from blocked numbers and make up stories for coming home late; talk about work.

Fortunately, the advent of TigerText--a new application for iPhones--allows adulterous behavior to easily occur leaving no trace of evidence on your cell phone. Finally right?

As Tiger Woods scratches his head wondering why he didn’t think of this, the dawn of this stupidly useful device—for you cheater's out there—was debuted on February 25 and has taken the pressure off of many paying customers.

The application allows users to set a time limit on sent text messages to remain in an inbox after it has been read. The time limit can range from minutes to a few days and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The message can’t be forwarded, saved, or for Wood’s sake, sold to a tabloid and used for black mail or making oneself famous.

How on earth can this be you ask? Well, the fine creators of TigerText invented a nifty server allowing text messages to never be sent to the phone itself. They are opened on the TigerText browser and stored in that until prompted to vanish into technological waste forever.

Therefore, when someone with such public stature as say a politician or athlete decides to embark in a raunchy affair and sends a text message, the recipient will be asked to download the application immediately. Once the task is complete, no message will ever be sent to the actual phone leaving no trace of a text in an inbox, outbox, sent folder or drafts.

Ah, what a relief.

You can also use a “delete on read” feature allowing you 60 seconds to read the message once it has been opened.

Now cheating is as easy as downloading music illegally and entering exam answers into your TI-83 Calculator.

Don’t think this is the first of its kind either, just last month an ad aired during the Super Bowl for

“Unlike Craigslist's plain-Jane listings, AshleyMadison lets cheaters customize profiles, chat anonymously and trade messages about adulterous preferences — all in an effort to make cheating as simple as using,” TIME magazine said in June 2009.

Of course, AshleyMadison seems like an advertisement for cheating—an argument for another blog—let alone a place to seek guidance and feel remorseful.

Regardless, this is a growing trend accommodating the fortunate; like celebrities who oddly don’t seem to think twice about cheating. What do they have to lose anyway (money, dignity, sponsors, work, family, friends, more money, and God forbid their spouse)?

Oh, and don't worry, the application wasn't named after Tiger Woods. Jeffrey Evans, TigerText founder and former headhunter, claims the name was chosen before the Woods scandal.

More on this at TIME Magazine


  1. Some people are pathetic (not you, but those who wold require this app)

    I had a man pursue me at a bar last month who I knew had a girlfriend - he said he was using "Air Miles" - which meant she was out of town. Men are bastards. I refuse to be a part of someone else's bad relationship.

    As for Ashley Madison, there was an interesting story in Toronto not long ago. Ashley Madison wanted to buy full bus ads - meaning the kind that cover and wrap around an entire bus. The city of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission rejected the ads.

    Also, I don't buy that that app isn't named after Tiger Woods - the creator just doesn't want to get sued.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog and I love this photo...I also like tattoos and children's literature but I wouldn't want to combine the two. I figure I need some separation from my job as an elementary art teacher and my life outside of school! haha

  3. wow, that's awful. profiting from enabling people to wreck their lives, huh? there's a product for everything, it seems.

  4. This is funny.

    I was actually talking about cheating or not being monogamous in an early relationship.

    TigerTxt and Tiger Woods, how coicidental.

    cheating is awful.

  5. oh lord! I heard about this on the radio the other day. what a horrible use of technology :(

    I really enjoy your blog my dear!!

  6. But as soon as your significant other sees that you have the TigerText app, the jig is up!

  7. tiger woods is wack. and i didn't realize it until this cheating scandal. how could i have missed that.

    and yes, if al gore can, so can you.

    keep up the good work, shorty

  8. Wow.

    How easy is it to cheat these days?

    iPhone apps and online services helping people hook up for affairs.
    I know cheating is more prevalent now but it makes me sad people are making money off helping people do the dirty.

    Interesting post :)

  9. Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  10. I have never understood cheating, I mean why would you want to hurt and betray the person you supposedly care about and love, surely if you loved them you would never be able to even think about cheating. I personally can't even look at another person when I'm in a relationship without seeing that they could never, would never, compare to the love, trust, intimacy and emotions that I feel towards the one person I love. But how could someone else when my emotions, my love, my whole self is in love with someone?
    Thankyou for taking the time to read this - Aaron




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