It's easy to be unhappy and get prescribed med's from the doctor. I could do it today if I wanted to. It's a matter of incomparable role playing, tearing of the eyes, feeling like the world is caving in on me and making sure the doctor knows it. Fairly simple.

Medications are costly as are co payments at the doctor's office; besides, who really wants a caustic doctor asking why you're so upset over your missing boots--all you really want is someone to empathize and make you feel better.

While some opt for cheaper medications like a bottle of two buck chuck, others gravitate towards activities or things that make a person insta-happy. Things that people secretly get a freaky high off of like pulling blades of grass from the yard or muting reality television and adding your own lines.

Some people like Disneyland and I don't blame them. The second you walk into the park you want to eat the benches because everything smells like an edible gingerbread house. Minus the strollers obtrusively jabbing you in the shins, smelly tourists and the detestable lack of English spoken, people still find resonance in all that.

Others run. They run for miles and days until they are so soar they sleep in a tub of ice. It's liberating, yes, especially running across such places like the Golden Gate Bridge as bikers harp at you because they are on the LEFT or the RIGHT or BEHIND YOU. Relaxing.

Some eat lavish meals that involve an aged wine to make while others drown sorrows in a lake of half melted Chubby Hubby while parked in front of a Friends marathon. Yes, your boyfriend is not answering his phone, again, but at least get low fat since this tends to be a re-occurrence.

Others shop. Shopping relieves the kind of stress that only Victoria Beckham has. Waking up to David Beckham, spending a disposable income, having the nanny dress the kids for school while she works out; I wouldn't be able to get out of bed either.

There are so many obvious ways to relieve bereaved emotion and stress other than a talking a pricey pill . Some say just smiling will brighten your mood or just dancing around--because men love dancing around to the latest dance hit.

If self loathing in a Godiva chocolate box is your Prozac then so be it. Come on, everyone has their own Prozac.

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