After seeing a commercial for the new Victoria’s Secret bra--the Miraculous Push-up--saying it adds two cup sizes, I instantly laughed at a memory of what a friend told me. He mentioned there is no worse thing than false advertising and I completely agree.

Who likes being told they are going to receive a $100 bill then upon receiving it, it turns out to be Monopoly money? Exactly.

What on earth is up with faux beauty these days? Do men really enjoy the artificial exterior most women are dawning?

Being a woman, I see the ins and outs of freaky body enhancers on infomercials and well, people I encounter. From fake hair, eyelashes, bra padding, fingernails, body shape-wear and tanning, I wonder what will be next: a self adhesive mask that comes with a full face of makeup and color contacts that dissolves when adding warm water at night?

I can’t imagine men liking this; I could be wrong though. It is all phony marketing. I would hate to be in love with someone’s hair and then while running my hands through it, a chunk comes out or a laceration is formed from a glued in clip.

Wearing lashes don’t look natural on anyone unless they are those expensive ones that are semi-permanent; I know men can tell the difference between fake and real: especially if one falls into your drink while you are on a date, or one is stuck in your hair. Classy. It's one thing to wear them for costumes or huge events, but everyday attire should be left to socks.

It is mid November and yet people are so tan it looks painful. Yes, it’s nice to have color, but what won't be nice are those medical bills for skin cancer treatments in a few years. So the advent of spray tanning and self tanning is healthier, sure, but it doesn’t look natural by any means. Orange is not the new olive skin tone. It comes off on clothing too; I would hate to get my knee prints on someone’s sheets.

All this body shape wear is beginning to really scare me. Walking through the mall, I noticed an entire store completely devoted to this stuff. Imagine nude body suits with lines on them looking like marks a plastic surgeon left all over your body. Yes, it may have taken two inches off your waist but what happens when you are getting down to the nitty gritty with someone and they find that? I hope you brought scissors because a guy is not going to have the first clue what to do.

So I have to ask all the men out there: Do these things turn you on or off? I am a woman and they turn me off. I would never want to find out a guy I am with really doesn't have a five o' clock shadow after the adhesive melts and it slides down his neck.

I say be yourself. At the end of the day, you are going to have to come clean, literally, so why not start now?


  1. I agree. Artificial beauty isn't beauty. Its a facade. Its cliche but you can't be pretty on the outside if you're ugly on the inside.

  2. beauty products exist to make us look better, not to make us look ridiculous! many women do not understand the difference, the images of women projected in the mass media are being photoshoped, pure excellence does not exist in life!

  3. buahahaha, indeed!

    i saw a woman in the train with fake eyelashes and color contacts, tons of make-up. pretty girl if you ask me, even the guy i was dating noticed and as visual artists he pointed her eyes out to me. of course he was well disappointed the moment i said, oh yeah... those are fake. oh well. it's best to go au naturale, all those beautifying phony suits are exhausting and a true waste of time.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have a great writing style and I definitely agree with your points here. I'd rather look like my pale self, even if I do blend into the sand at the beach, rather than an oompa loompa with fake talons instead of fingernails.

  5. I believe that all of these beauty items are sold to women so they can look beautiful for other women. In my experience most men dont really care all that much

  6. In talking to all my male friends they all basically agree that they like women who are natural. I asked him why they gawk at all the made up women, he pretty much summed it like this "Their nice too look at but not everyday" Believe it or not, personality counts.

  7. Thank's for the report back anonymous and I completely agree that most women like to look good for other women sadly.

  8. I should think the answer is pretty freaking obvious... women try to enhance their beauty (fake or not...) to fit into what THEY consider beautiful (often influenced, of course, by what media, society, etc. tells us beautiful is) so that they feel more confident about themselves. So for example, a woman with a smaller bra size might use a push-up bra, look in the mirror and think "Wow! I look so hot!" and, therefore, be more confident. Confident people tend to be more attractive. Therefore, if you take a picture of a woman with fake eyelashes, yeah, most guys won't be too in to it... but if you introduce them to a woman who FEELS better about themself because they think they are pretty because of their fake eyelashes, well that's a different story. That's how these products work. They aren't "false advertising" they're confidece boosters. You're looing at it as if people are just pictures, but you have to look at the emotion as well.




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