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Mind that it's about Anaheim...

I often hear friends as well as people I eavesdrop on at Starbucks mention how there are no men in Orange County, let alone Anaheim--it's smaller subculture. I think to myself that this must be a fallacy because there are tons of men everywhere. Constantly, my ego is boosted by “landscape artists” who whistle and shout: reason enough to walk the dog in the morning.

Looking at the population of Anaheim-- just over 330,000 people according to data--I wonder who these eligible bachelors are and why—if there are so many people—are women set on the thought of never finding someone.

Well, for starters you have guys like Ken Doll—coincidentally his first and last name—who drives a yellow, raised Hummer, self tans, wears very deep V-neck tee shirts and calls every one (even women) broseph after patting them on the back while awkwardly hanging on for too long.

Claiming he is an expert in retrieving stuffed animals from vending machines, there is Romano—no last name—who wears shorts longer than pants and has his area code, last name and possibly street address tattooed on his body.

Lastly, Chip Miller, a 22-year-old male who enjoys surfing, beer pong, girls, beer pong, reading (Maxim) and South Park: what a catch!

Yes ladies, these are our options if you are out on the prowl. So I take back my wonderment on why you feel you will never meet someone; however, the male to female ratio on the data research is fairly equal. Proving there is good news beneath it all, there’s a Ken Doll for everyone. Personally, Chip sounds like a ball to me.

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