It seems to me these days that America has made Religion one of its new accessories. I remember all the way back to my High School days when I went to "bible study," the perks were very perky. We got snacks--not Pringle snacks--good stuff like pizza and soda; stuff our parents wouldn't dare feed us. We got to hang out with our friends on a school night; one more excuse to get out of the house so we didn't have to do our homework or the dishes. It was all fun and games until I started seeing kids show up who I knew never had a biblical bone in their body. I gave them the benefit of the doubt then; however, I know now it was for the free pizza.

Sunday's were a debacle of cute boys so of course girls wanted to go to the High School segment at my church. Now I can't generalize for everyone, only a few of you. I am just reporting what I saw.

It doesn't stop there. Then came this whole "I hate Jesus, let's worship something greater: Kabbalah."

Really? Do you even know how to spell your religion? I guess that religion has its perks as well: you get a cool red bracelet. In fact, I even saw them being sold at Target. You know you make it big if you're religious paraphernalia is sold at Target. I never saw yarmulke's or mitre's there.

This growing trend is evident all over America. Everyone needs their personal Jesus--be it Jesus or Marilyn Manson--or a spiritual journey they find in what they do not know is Eastern Religion; not something they discovered over an awesome acid trip.

Maybe it is an inextricable identity crisis? People do not know where to turn when something goes wrong therefore a celestial being will aid in times of need.

How can someone go 20:80. The 20 being the percentage of time thinking about whether or not their actions are right or wrong and the 80 being the percentage of time the wrong is performed.

I am no evangelical saint which is why I am not declaring myself a devout anything for that matter. I am guilty of deceiving the house of religion, as is the next.

Church doors remain open--in most religions--people do things their bible says they shouldn't. I find it ironic to see tattooed pastors and "social," bible study leaders. This is not a problem in one given religion. It is a problem in most.

I would respect faux religious people more if they would detach themselves from leading positions and come to terms with the fact that their practice of puritan value is deviating their own science of thought. Yes, my morality has taken over my ego causing me to judge; however, forgive me for I never waved a religious flag of anything. I only know what is technically in front of me causing an eluded view of your religion.

In the mean time, I will keep questioning until the requested act is performed; you're only availing yourself to greater opportunity of repentance right?

I study all religions in the theological belt and take what I can out of each. I ponder the foundation behind most, and wonder why everyone isn't a follower of something simpler like Confucius or Buddha--at least Confucius wants you to be happy doing things you like--excluding murder Jeffrey Dahmer.

If Michael Jackson can be worshiped, so can all your gods. Just respect thy religion and try not to use it as a tea party for socializing.

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  1. You seem like a wise old soul. I totally agree with you.




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