Okay, the book is famous, you saw the movie, you hear it everyday like a bad White Snake song on oldies radio: He's just not that into you!

Your girlfriends curtly tell your other girlfriends behind your back this quasi ol' phrase about your jock of a boyfriend. While politely condoling you, your co-workers are sick of hearing about Jerry not calling you back and repeat this in their heads hoping their thoughts will become audible. Your horoscope even discreetly hints something about a fallen star and a need to rejuvenate the solar alignments with a fresh start; in which you flippantly rebuttal by yelling at your best friend who is zoning out watching re-runs of The Hills.

Greg Behrendt, co-author of that amazingly famous book that so many women have sold their souls to--willingly--said he has been just like many girls in his book.

"I have been on the bad side of relationships," said Behrendt in a radio interview. "I have put all my eggs in a basket that wasn't there."

Behrendt admits to being one of the girls, aka wearing his heart on his sleeve in false hope that nothing might turn into something.

"I have loved someone who has told [me] that [they] are not interested and stayed with it for a while," he said.

This got me thinking, why on earth is there not a book out called "She's Just Not That Into You?" If he is such an expert on writing about women's problems, why can't he write about his own problematic past in the dating realm?

Some guys can't take the hint either. Some guys have just as much of a problem seeing that Becky wants the bad ass with the girlfriend from bio chem not the nice guy who is single (no matter how many mix tapes you make her, she still won't budge).

A few suggestions for it: What goes for guys goes for girls as well. Girls who do not return your phone call(s) or text message(s) are not playing hard to get. Trust me--you text or call, we jump at the chance to respond if we are into you. If you have not heard from the girl in over a week, she's moved on and so should you.

If a girl is not contacting you after a hook up, heaven forbid, even to say hello or throw an inside joke, take a hint. She most likely felt that it should have never happened or it was that bad that she doesn't want it to happen again. Ever. Don't for a second think her girlfriends know anything less than what happened if it was horrible. Take the blow to the ego and go on with your bad self.

If a girl is "busy," consecutively, shes busy in a nail filing, seeing someone else, not interested sort of way. Girls make time for guys just like guys make time for girls. Just the plain and simple facts.

I know this would not sell. Who am I kidding? When would a guy walk into a store and walk out with a book about man problems in the love department? Most likely never.

I am sure guys would feel too meek to purchase such a thing; it would have to be disguised with a half naked girl on the cover to get that ball bearing, beer loving, ego across. I do think, however, if there was a column in Maxim they would be all over it; hence bikini clad girl cover-up.

I am not saying every guy has this problem as much as I am pushing that every girl is not a co-dependent, wait by the phone, white picket fence dreaming, kind of person.



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