So this little video clip on Saturday Night Live this past weekend got me thinking: The "girlfriend voice?" I am not so sure about it. I just can't hold it to myself to use weird lingo, baby talk or anything of that nature.

I hear people do it all the time. It kind of makes me feel awkward as well as deranged but I get a weird high eavesdropping. It makes me wonder where it begins and where it ends. Do couples who engage in such an art form discuss every matter this way? Or is this language only used for romantic and flirty discussion; if romantic is what you're even looking for.

What is so great about talking to your significant like they are a chihuahua anyway? If someone can explain the logic of this to me with reasonable answers then maybe I will give you the benefit of the doubt; however, for now I am turned off completely. At least throw the person a squeaky toy to play with if you want to talk like that.

I know I am different, to each his own--can't stress that enough--but if a guy came at me with pet names and baby talk I think I would ask where he keeps his balls: In his briefs or in a sparkly pink jar on his Mom's dresser?

If this sort of thing is your "thing" then by all means, go for it. I can only joke when I talk that way, because I can't take someone seriously when a white guy wearing a pocket protector call's his girl boo.


  1. It's gross to hear but when you are in love who cares ? ;)

  2. Haha, so true Maggie May. Nicknames are fun with an SO, but then again I like nicknames for everyone.




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