What frightens me most about today is how dumb we all are. Okay, not all of us--but most of us. No one reads, writes, watches the news (exception of a few), movies are just reiterated books, the only television shows with ratings are ones that have Brett Michaels name embedded in them, and worst of all, we all just do what thy neighbor does.

This whole Internet thing--full of adventures--mostly utilized for sexual relief and illegal music downloading (Yeah, you know who you are) has taken over the world. We are all words and fists--MySpace bulletins--when elections are going on, but what about when they aren't?

We are supposed to be a well informed country--we get mad when propositions do not pass and when vice-presidential candidates shop till they drop--yet we don't know a damn thing about what runs this country and this empire of an economy we live in. All we know is what LC and Whitney wore to a fashion show on The Hills last night. Superb.

To me, IPhones and the Internet has turned us into inane objects of the future that spit out things like "prolly," or "LOL." No. Stop while you're ahead Jenny from the Block--I mean, blok. Good Grammar has been forgotten and replaced with this digi-dialiect that I still have to decode in weird text messages.

If we keep it up, I wonder what job requirements will end up being. "Frequent use of FaceBook and familiarity with Wikipedia?" Why not? I could see it.

The future was supposed to transcend and empower us but we just keep stepping backwards. Yeah, it is easier to just write it all off--times are tough, I encourage a Grey Goose release--but that doesn't excuse the dumb realism that has settled in and taken up residency.

So don't be another brick in the wall--yeah, I said it--tagged with "smoke weed everyday." Don't wait to be the last to find out something really bad happened.

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