Why do girls feel the need to condescendingly ask you if their boyfriend, crush, "friend," is cute, handsome, sexy, hot, adorable (the list goes on)?


You have heard it before.

"Isn't he cute?" Then, you with the churning stomach at the sight of him, smile back and say "yes, very cute." Lies.

I hate that conversation. I am the pickiest person on the planet, and if you are friends with me, you know better than to ask me something like this. Don't make me lie to you. To each is own and I can't stress that enough. Not everyone is attracted to your type, my type, her type, his type etc.

Women have been doing this for centuries; this is not breaking news. I just wish it would stop. I never ask anyone for that type of affirmation. I do not need the "pass go, collect 200 dollars," to continue my butterfly feeling for someone.If anything, I would prefer someone eluding the thought that the person I am dating is indubitably handsome.

I can only conclude two things here: the first, a latent avidity for affirmation and support perhaps? Yes, job well done you, you hard working girl you. The second, a possible insecurity that the person you are interested in has an uncanny resemblance to Clay Aiken--post American Idol.

I say, who cares? Missing teeth, shorter than you, eyes too close together? It won't matter at the end of the day what your friends think the person looks like. You don't need credibility from myself or anyone. If you like him, go for it. It is okay to express how much you adore his ear lobes or whatever it is you love, but I don't love them, so don't make me agree, just let me support.


  1. so who exactly are u referring to?

  2. i will tell you about it later. but its kind of in general. I just hate the imposition of making someone agree with you--not asking if someone is good looking...just making them agree.

  3. wow....who are you referring to jess?




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