Something in my humanism and mysticism class got me thinking; this whole topic on living in the present. Why did I not think of this before? I know it was somewhere allotted in the back of my mind, deeply that is. I am so wound into societies norms of past and future. What last week held or what next year will be like. All of that is taking the focus off of what is going on today; right now.

John Cage--if you do not know his work, Wikipedia it--is right about one thing: living in the present. Saying that living in the present is what life is all about. We are supposed to be devouring the beauty in life, however you see it or hear it.

People spend so much time discussing what their wedding dresses will look like or how much Timmy hurt them in 11th grade causing them to never forget the monstrosity. What does that matter though? Chances are, you will change your mind on your ideal dress 56 times between now and the time you find someone on eharmony that will commit to you and Timmy does not remember laughing at you in Chemistry when you had remnants of calzone on your face from lunch.

Time is taken for granted. With text messaging, facebook and ipods, who has time for time? A book? What is that? The power went out the other night--the power as in the Internet, TV and phone-- and you could say there was a slight panic in my apartment. No one wanted to admit that out loud.

Time is obsolete. Short. Here today, gone tomorrow etc. Why are we so fixated on what isn't here then? We can't control anything but what you do when you roll out of bed in the morning; if you're one of the lucky ones.

Whether or not anyone can admit it, everyone is working towards something else. Not what they have right now. It seems so easy to accept the world as is, but none of us do. It is not good enough.

I am not saying to go out and start petting trees and grass to enjoy the little things life has given us. Because while it is acceptable here, I know friends at home would be taken to the insane asylum.

A more practical concept--less idealist approach you could say--would be to just see what it is like to enjoy what life has given me/you today. Today, it has given me rain--so this is going to be really hard to enjoy...I see hail behind me and the smile on my face is slowly melting away.

The exact definition of presentism is: the total absorption in the here and now. Absorbing life like the Bounty "quicker, picker, upper" is really a matter of seeing and hearing what is around you and in front of you. Not what isn't. Such a simple concept yet so hard to grasp sometimes.

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