So every year my parents get a bushel of cards and inside about 40 percent are these lovely letters written so diligently from the sender. You know these letters, the ones that update you on the fantastic lives of the boastful? Nothing is better than being updated on the relatives and friends that you have not seen since Amanda's bah mitzvah or your cousin Pete's wedding. I think they go a little something like this...

Dear Ward and June,

Merry Christmas, or should we see Vrolijke Kerstmis? We are currently in the Swiss alps taking private ski lessons for six weeks! Both (insert foreign name) and I have our own instructors who were in the Olympics! We are staying in the presidential suite that John F. Kennedy and Jackie O' stayed in--it is great!

The kids are well; Sebastion is busy at music camp where he is excelling at the piano. This summer he studied at a prestigious music school in Boston for three weeks because his fourth grade teacher put in a good word. Teaching himself how to play, he has picked up the violin and the cello in the past two months; his teacher thinks he has the potential to be the next Beethoven.

Alexandra is enjoying her first year in Junior High. This year was a big year for she was the lead in both The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz. Her drama teachers were so impressed with her acting that they sent in tapes to a studio in Hollywood. She is now going to be shooting some commercials and even be an extra on How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

We have had such a busy year with the third home we bought in Prague. I have been working with interior decorators trying to figure out how on earth we are going to combine my taste with my husbands.

On top of that, I have been working out a lot and busy getting the kids ready for school in the mornings. I took up yoga last January as my new years resolution and have been going to a studio that Madonna worked in--my instructor has sculpted my body to the best shape ever.

I am also busy with our horses we bought which are so difficult to take care of since we are only at our ranch every so often.

(Foreign name) has been busy traveling for work. He was promoted to CEO seven months ago and is now enjoying his hard work. He recently golfed with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicholson at Donald Trumps resort in Malibu and had so much fun that we bought a time share there.

This next year is going to be even bigger and better but we are so grateful for all our great friends and family!

Until next Christmas,
The _______ Family

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