Today I was in Borders Books reading in an undersized, ripped, black pleather chair tucked in the back of the History section, when a woman walked in front of me searching high and low for something. This woman was not ordinary for she was carrying a basket. "A basket?" I asked myself, not knowing Borders carried such things.

I am used to this at a Target, because with books there are usually a few other things like chapstick and a pack of pens; however, this was so refreshing. To be able to see a person buying so many books that she would need a basket to carry them all was astonishing to me.

I ruled out the fact that it is December, and people are out carousing the stores to find unique and thoughtful gifts for Grandpa and the maid, and ruled in that this lady may be a book loving word fanatic.

It always makes me warm and fuzzy inside to see people reading because I think it is a past time long forgotten in the world of Facebook, iPods, and The Hills.

So I say, bring on the baskets because people should buy books in the masses. Stack those things at the door because books are awesome; until they are made into blockbusters that is--Harry Potter.

It is a little unnerving even to see the "book into movie" section there and notice everyone reading those books. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they read it before the movie comes out.

Sadly enough, reading is a diminishing hobby like Giga Pets were popular for two years. I am almost thankful for sagas like Twilight and Harry Potter, because they get people in book stores and libraries even.

So even though I can't say that I can afford to fill a basket with books right now, I like to see people who can afford that many books fill that basket up. I will live vicariously through you.

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