Sitting in a Starbucks is unreal these days. I mean, can people even afford that anymore? Can people even afford to "go to coffee" just to do homework or hang out with a friend?

What's putting people at the brink of hell are: budget cuts, job losses, the stock market crashing, foreclosures, etc. Yeah, those are just a few things that are awesome about this generation X.

Now I see why people consume anti depressants, attend therapy sessions and why a net is being put up on the Golden Gate Bridge; I mean, can you blame them? Anti Depressants should be handed out at banks, atm's, and any check out you go to-ever (cue scary theatrical soundtrack).

Ideally, I would like to imagine the stereotype of American obesity vanishing in the next three years or so-no one has the extra money to overeat anyway; however, we may hold that title regardless because when you are drepressed, some people eat more-there is no winning.

So with all these stimulus plans, and whatever else the big, bad, White House has in mind, I would like to pitch my own stimulus plan:

Cutting that one unit of P.E. a student has to take at a junior college or university and replace it with a class that teaches you how to survive in this day and age. A class that teaches you 'coupon cutting' is okay; it is not going to make you look un-cool at the Safeway checkout.

Using public transit is normal in a big city, your car will be there in the morning. Besides, using a car in a city is just flashy, and yes, even you're black, tinted Escalade P.Diddy is getting to be a bit too eccentric for my liking.

Buying hummers is just ridiculous (I wonder what the sale rate is on those now).

Buy what you need at the moment, not excessive amounts of crap that will rot in the back of the fridge until your roommate finds it or the neighbors cat that crawled through the window to hunt it out.

Turn off lights when your not home, unless there is a ghost you hold a close relationship with that can't do crossword puzzles in the dark.

Do you really need cable? If you did not know already, you can watch every movie and TV show online these days anyway; legally and illegally.

Finish your classes wherever you are, because chances are, it may not be there next semester to retake.

Lastly, teaching us "kids" what we can do with our degrees that are becoming obsolete in the downward spiralling land of Oz we live in. Because whether you like it or not, that Starbucks barista--most likely a college student--is the future.

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