The other night, I was on the Muni riding home with fellow students and listening to music, because really there is no other way to ride the Muni without going insane.

I looked around me and noticed how everyone was sort of blank. Expressionless. Motionless. For you intellects: "Lost in Translation" if you will.

Now I would expect these kinds of faces in L.A. where people are losing money left and right on homes they can't afford or boob jobs they should not have gotten-but here? I mean, yes, it is a city, so it is forgiven that you are allowed a few cloudy days here and there, but at this age? Come on.

Now picture a lit up on the inside Muni winding through Golden Gate Park as if the tornado that destroyed Dorothy's house was on its ass. At least 30 people on it-maybe more- most are standing, some tripping every few minutes from the drivers compulsive need to "stop for squirrels." Everyone's reflection is deeply engraved in the scratched windows because darkness is beyond them and all I can see are people staring blankly into the ceiling or down at their feet as if Heidi Klum had just given them a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

Then I begin to think to myself, what on Earth could be so bad that would cause such a lifeless gaze on at least 30, 20 something-year-olds-faces?

Or is it just that they do not realize it? Could it be the Muni itself? Is it THAT bad? Do not want to go where they are headed, literally, not theoretically.

You know, I had that same look on my face until I caught a glimpse of myself in the window looking out at the bridge in the dark. It was frightening what I saw-I mean, the lady next to me was asleep with her mouth wide open-but I was just so sad looking. Like everyone else.

It is not worth it to look this way. Hasn't your mother ever told you frowning gives you wrinkles? There was a time when people were happier-yes, probably before It's A Wonderful Life came out on VHS, but really. Is it worth it to you to scare off the innocent? Not me.

Maybe if its your teeth that you do not want to show, get a box of crest white strips or go practice that Tyra Banks "smile with your eyes" thing I saw on Americas Next Top Model once; if you do not know what I am talking about-google it.

So be more assertive, do not let the Muni window catch you off guard, just smile more. Be friendly. Be young-embrace it.

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