A continuous pattern of common morality is imminent these days in society. I can't walk out a door without seeing the same tee shirt on every other person that they got at a little store that begins in "American," and ends in "Apparel." No, I am not name dropping, and no I am not jumping off the band wagon because I love me some V necks. However, being a V necker and being ornate are too different things.

Originality is no longer key to being one with society. Or so you think. What exactly is originality these days? Wearing striped pants, a feathered cap, a red velvet vest and calling yourself King Henry the 45th? Or wearing skinny jeans and a V-neck? 

I am not ragging on this style, I for one think it is trendy. But it is simply that-trendy. Not original like some may think. Not diverse. Just, trendy...Teen Vogue fashion trendy. Oh, ouch, that hurt for all you non trend followers. Sorry.

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