You have had it happen before. You have that friend, or know those people who just lay it all out on the table. You know, the person who tells you everything about their date the night before...I mean, everything. The group of people who meet you and want to know why you are choosing the celibate lifestyle and wearing sweats instead of slacks and heels.

I mean, I get have this fun, obscure, bazaar life that you just HAVE to share with everyone like a bad case of crabs and you, you being the victim, want to cringe every time you see that person.

So maybe it is me, or maybe I am on to something; the something being that society is just too personal. Too personal in being that no one needs to know about your weird, zany life and those weird zany dates or moments you partake in. Yes, you in the flowered cap and sparkly shoes, I am talking to you.

There is no reason to be this personal. June did not ask Ward his favorite position on their first date. So please, keep it under wraps. It is okay with your friends, but leave poor acquaintances alone. Leave innocent bystanders be. Maybe in the long run, get a journal or start a blog where you can put your weird banter down. But for now, keeping the play-by-play in your head on pause is quite all right.

Things not to do on an subway.

Do not: stand in the middle of a group of people shorter and thinner than you when there is no handle bar to grasp. Guaranteed you will crush their feet when you fly backward in a fit of G Force exuding every premises of the initial take off.

Do not: make eye contact with the creepy nerd leaning against the wall with his laptop in hand and headphones on. Suddenly he thinks you love him and is going over all the great steak houses to take you to in his head.

Do not: make eye contact with a man sitting directly across from you, who is also facing you. You will then spend the remainder of your ride wondering if he noticed and every time you look up he is glaring right at you and you both look away in a fit of embarrassment. This will continue until you get off.

Do not: tell anyone you do not know what time your ticket says when it is in military time. Because in that instance, you get lectured by an angry employee behind the bullet proof glass.

Do not: get in the way of anyone trying to squeeze through you to get off the train. Yes, I know there is no room to move, but do whatever you can to get out of the way. Use your spidey sense power to web yourself to the ceiling if you have to. They want off, not you in the way.
A continuous pattern of common morality is imminent these days in society. I can't walk out a door without seeing the same tee shirt on every other person that they got at a little store that begins in "American," and ends in "Apparel." No, I am not name dropping, and no I am not jumping off the band wagon because I love me some V necks. However, being a V necker and being ornate are too different things.

Originality is no longer key to being one with society. Or so you think. What exactly is originality these days? Wearing striped pants, a feathered cap, a red velvet vest and calling yourself King Henry the 45th? Or wearing skinny jeans and a V-neck? 

I am not ragging on this style, I for one think it is trendy. But it is simply that-trendy. Not original like some may think. Not diverse. Just, trendy...Teen Vogue fashion trendy. Oh, ouch, that hurt for all you non trend followers. Sorry.



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