Something happened last night in the hills of San Deigo. Something that can not even be compared to doves being released from their cage during a wedding ceremony. Something that involves the likes of Jesus and all his apostles. Something that to this day, will be burned in my heart and soul forever: John Mayer performed in front of thousands.

Now I would not call this a performance. I would call this a ceremony of light. When we arrived, I was taken back. Not just by the experience but by the fact that my seat was close enough to throw a lush garden of roses at him (yes, I would throw a rose at him, but one was not supplied, so he missed out).

Once the concert began, I mean, I thought him performing Crossroads was incomparable but I was wrong, so, so wrong. The moment he began a little song I hate called Mercy (performed by Duffy), I said "oh crap, here we go," but then something happened and I can not even describe it in words. The man, the myth, the legend did the guitar solo of all guitar solos. For about ten minutes, He continued to play the guitar while knelt on the ground. His guitar laying flat on the surface of the stage and his body hovering over it. Then, the unimaginable happened, he played with his head down and his fingers danced on the strings! Oh, it was pure sex. He had greats like Eric Clapton and Stevie Vaughn Ray on their knees last night.

This pictures sums it up...

Here is a video of last night that I found on youtube because I was in too much awe to record at this is kind of blurry and far away but humor it. Let it bud into the flower it is because about a minute and a half in, he takes it down. When I find a better, I will repost, but this must be spread to the masses.


A wedding. Something that used to be so ideal and so simple has been turned into fanatical pandemonium.

To me, a wedding is a marriage - a consummation between two people who love each other. Not a huge show like what the WE network puts on daily.

When I was little, I used to think I wanted a wedding that consisted of the pope himself, the Sistine Chapel, an 18 tier cake and of course, a Zach Morris-esq character at the end of the aisle. However, what is all that for? Or should I say, who is that all for?

Why do we feel the need to put on extravagant performances with planned dances, meals, speeches, etc. Everything is on a schedule. Everything is so planned out ahead of time...where is the surprise factor?

A wedding is a party, a marriage is a lifetime, blah blah blah and whatever else your Mom tells you, however, the marriage-your marriage (if you choose to wed) is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. How can it be when you are worried about the chrysanthemums being in place and the meat being too rare.

All this Martha Stewart (granted, I do love her craft-y-ness) wedding talk is just too much for me these days. If I had it my way, I would use all my money to buy the best dress on Earth, which to me does NOT involve eight pounds of tool, lace and pearls, and whatever else brides are wearing, and walk down an aisle that does not consist of strangers - people I only talk to on holidays or birthdays - and get hitched the good ol' fashioned way, eat cake, that maybe your Great Aunt Rose made, and be happy. I mean, really happy.



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