I do not know what it is about the American reality or paradigm might I say, that has people constantly second guessing themselves. Could it be inhibition, low self esteem or a manipulating controlling external force?

This so called reality has millions everywhere, including myself, asking: What do I want to do with my life? When the question really should be: What makes me happy?

But behold, that tiny little dream bubble you are playing back in your mind every day is cruelly interrupted by a one inch tall green plastic Toy Story esq army figurine holding you at gun point bursting that dream with a vivid image of what is considered reality. You know, the nuclear family who has baked bread (taco bell) on the table and sack lunches (hard cash or a credit card to buy lunch) prepared while Dad is out at the law firm and Mom is out gardening (spending Dad's cash at the local plastic surgeon and then at Nordstroms).

However, I think the American nuclear family real housewives of Orange County dream is just a mascot of everything else this country-even some other countries-stand for; suppressing what makes a person happy.

That job you chose over the one you really wanted is going to get back to you. All that extra cash you have leftover from the law firm will be paying your therapy bills every week rather your elated St. Tropez vacation.

Happiness is so simple. Happiness is just listening to yourself. Yet, time and time again even I consider the nuclear family when what I really want to do in every aspect of my life is in the back of my mind. Nothing is worth it unless you are doing something full force. If it is failure that causes a person to stand at the peripheral edge of something they don't truly love to do, but see no other way out. A person is only setting thyself up for failure; whether it be material or emotional. Let this be a paragon of virtue for you all.

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  1. Weird... I was just talking about that the other day! I was totally thinking about why I do and say things... like is it because I want to or because that is what is expected of me...

    We are so meant for each other!

    Oh how I love thee!




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