I wonder what it would be like to just sit in a room full of sitcom writers.

I mean-it has to be good. It has to be some sort of tangential pandemonium with a splash of wit and character; at least that is what I think. I imagine everyone sitting there with their Apple computers (because who uses anything else anymore?) and conjuring up great plots while at the same time making the most awesome puns towards each other resulting in a constant one liner contest everyday (I am sure my dream bubble of awesomeness could be detonated by reality though).

I can't even imagine how awesome the personalities behind all those one liners are on big shows like Friends or The Office. I bet I could be a quintessential besty to almost everyone. Though, they may not want some 20 something following them around with a gleeful smile and a pad of paper writing everything I observe down-it might seem stalker-ish.

This is derived from the NY Times a few days ago...Focus, People! There's work to do!

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  1. So I didn't actually read this post, but I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the comments. I am glad to know where to get that shirt... I was so wondering about it...

    You CRAZY!




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