I was looking through my younger brothers high school yearbook today. It is so interesting to look through an encyclopedia of mug shots of people you do not know, but you do know what will happen to them.

They will all end up just as stressed, frightened, lonely, and ruthless as any person can become at some point after high school. All those things happen at some point when you are trying to figure out who you are, except, no one warns you. Unless you are lucky and had one of those June Cleaver mom's, who made sure you had your brown sack lunch everyday and your weekly life lesson talk.

No one warns you. No one told me senior year that it was going to be different after graduation. No one told me that the simple life I led before where innocence was simply a trait, was going to disappear. No one tells these kids that.

Of course it is all tantalizing in the beginning. The whole opening act of life has to be, because if it wasn't, you would be screwed later on. I don't think life really starts until after high school. Until you have set your path of some sort of independence, whatever that may be, and you know what? I don't think this lifelong struggle of inner soul searching and outer strength finding ever ends. Because once one mess is cleaned up another bottle breaks. That is just the way it is and in that yearbook, no one knows that just yet.

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