Sometimes I think the whole makeup sex thing in relationships has been forgotten, theoretically speaking of course.

Friends who fight, of course do not have makeup sex, well, most. I am talking about those stupid feuds you get in over steamed broccoli tasting like crap. When is it okay to talk again?

That is where the makeup text comes in. Why call people? Why talk to someone? Why not just ignore the issue when you can text someone?

It seems like society has gotten so technical these days that everyone is in such an introverted world. A world that does not have to make sense of anything anymore. A world that does not need to worry about tearing down bridges and rebuilding them (except instead of sticks and stones, cement and steal...for the future of course).

So these pety text messages, you know, the ones that come a few days after a fight that surpass everything you stood for mid fight? The ones that say things like "I miss you," or "saw this, thought of you," yeah, those text you let them slide or do you stand your ground?

Personally, I would not do such a thing, but if I did receive one, I would probably send anthrax through my phone if I could.

We are adults, we have the power of the spoken word. Let us use it! Let us act of age! Let us not give in to temptation of the makeup text!

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